New posts on the new blog.

There are new posts on the new blog. Don't miss them, transfer your following or RSS feed to this blog:



Seen the new project yet?

Have you been to the new blog yet?

Since I left my ex, I started a new blog with my maiden name. It's been both a blessing and a curse. While I felt like I had a writer's identity under my married name, I struggled with my maiden name.

I've never known more about who I am, and yet, as a writer-how has this changed?!

Come over to the new blog. I'm doing a lot more writing and projects now.



Moving on...

Please note that I have opened a new blog under my maiden name.

It's tricky this relationship thing. Sometimes things don't work out. Don't feel bad, in my case it's a blessing really.

In any case, my blog-which will be far more active at the new address, can be found HERE.

The new blog is called "Publication Journey."

While I enjoy being defined as a writer, my ultimate goal is publication.

Love you all, I hope you keep up on the new blog.


Bye from both of us!