Update for 2010...

So, right now I have started a new and exciting project based in Canada and fits into both "Political Thriller" and "Sci-Fi" genres. I think it's a really fun project so far.

As of yesterday I was really stuck on some stuff. In my mind I kep thinking "plot, plot, plot..." but what was really missing was that in the week I took to tie things up at work I'd lost sight of the THEME! So, I've got it back and I'm writing with a vengeance!

If you've noticed the small changes I've made to the website, I salute you because you've visited more than once! ;) Also, I've put a list of websites that I think are helpful for writers either as resources or places to submit short stories or articles. Another thing I've added is a list of books on Writing that I think are super helpful. So far I've read all of them and then some. If I find a truly awesome book, it'll be on there. I promise that each of these books are worth your time and money, and that the websites will offer great insight.

Take Care and Happy 2010 people!
YAY for Canada in the Olympics!

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