Remember that last post where I determined to get up earlier to write before my daughter got up for the day?

Well, that didn't work so well. My daughter woke up about four times through the night and then my alarm didn't go off, but my daughter did. But I got a lot done last night. God I love Starbucks! You can do anything there... plus, usually I wouldn't leave my laptop unattended but around the time I'm there the RCMP shift change must occur because at least six of them pile into the store...which means I can go pee without having to pack up!

Yes, I take advantage of them... but they take advantage of the fact that I speed to meet their weekly quota for tickets. Karma balances it out!

Yesterday while writing I tackled a story that's been evading me for a couple months now. Wasn't sure about how to structure the plot or the POV. Got it down last night, it's a short thriller and I'm pretty proud of the quality on first draft. (Usually that means I did well, because I rarely enjoy my own writing, but others seem to.

Need to get going, but tomorrow I will tell you what Crazi_Ivan said about my recent shorts... ttfn

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