Current projects underway...

Hello All,
It's been awhile since I last posted but I'm still working on the novel. I also have two smaller projects on the go. One is a submission for the CBC Literary Awards and another is for the Tesseracts 15 Book that Edge Publishing is working on right now. The CBC one is due November 1st. The Tesseracts one is open between Sept 1st through the 30th of November. Wish me luck for both. I'm really hoping I get the Tesseracts one too because it would mean publication in a Canadian book. Gawd, wouldn't that be great!

I think in this day and age it's really important for people to stay true to who they are but it's equally important that your work support you. So, reality time: My novel is mostly aimed at the American Fantasy/Thriller markets but that doesn't mean I can't write shorts for the Canadian Markets... Anyone knows that Canada's genre markets are TINY! Which means that any genre writers out there should either work at getting an agent or publication in the USA, or both. So, good luck to all Canadian Genre writers out there- I wish you luck.

Also, I'm on twitter now so check it out! All the literary agents and editors are on twitter now. It's also been suggested as the best way to market yourself as a writer because readers can keep up with your current projects... my name on Twitter is: @writeramcdonald. Have a good one.

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