Getting the Time

Last night as my daughter lay in my lap, I read LK Hamilton's Blog entry titled: Invaders from Porlock: part III It was really an eye opener. She speaks in this entry about the difficulty of having a baby and finding the time to write, but still she managed. Plus, during her time as a new mother she published my favourite book of hers, and the one I think is the most well written of all her works: Obsidian Butterfly.
So I sat there wondering: How can I make this work. I have it a little harder in that I am yet unpublished and a new mom. How can I deign to find the time?
She also tweeted (days and days ago) that she sat, at her desk to write one morning and it was dark outside. That got me thinking, since it was late at night.
As I lay my head on the pillow and my daughter in her Bassinet I realized that I was burning the candle in a pot; rather than from both ends. I was staying up super late and waking a little later than I'd like in the mornings which makes me even more tired. What balance would it take for me to feel good?
I remembered a time when I felt most rested and organized. It was a time of numerous dark mornings, a time when I could focus on me and a time where there was nothing I didn't do well.
So, I decided to take this evening to go to bed early and wake early tomorrow morning. It would give me the time I need to write while Babe is still asleep and time away from the demands my husband puts on me. I would also have that much needed time to absorb my morning cup of Joe... I might even be nice that first morning when both of my family members wake up and I'm already bushy tailed, bright eyed and caffeine loaded.
I also want to make an honourable mention. My brother Evan Ramsay, a very fine artist, has agreed to evaluate my current short story projects and keep me informed about his opinion... Well, he texted me yesterday and gave me a little bit of a mood lift, Thanks Evan!

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