Second time's the charm...

Yes, I know- I already posted today. Do I have a life? No.

I've finally gotten organized enough to sit at my desk and write. I found out that my child doesn't just adore her high chair in the kitchen watching mom cook, but also adores it in mom's office while mom types away. I shall give this a shot so that I can write... I really need to find a way to integrate taking care of my daughter and finding the time to write my book, or it'll never get done.

BTW, in previous post I mentioned that the Baby was crying all night long? Well, turns out she had some major gas. I'm talking gassier than the gassiest adult. :S It's actually kind of cool. I like to sit her next to my husband when she's like that and blame it on him. He gets all red in the face and tries to convince me it's her, when it is. Yet I insist on saying; "Really, you're blaming it on the baby? Clearly that's a loud fart- she can't possibly fart like that, that was an adult fart." Then I shake my head at him and tsk away! It's quite a great game, worth having a kid just to do that to someone. Or how about on public transportation? It's really a fun game! No one thinks it's you, because everyone knows it's the baby or the person beside them. How about your local library, I spend a lot of time there. :D Okay, enough of that I guess. There's the gross factor to my blog. While I am a writer and I hope to be professional about it, I find that I still need an outlet for all the baby stuff in my life, and Mom's heard it all before... so you, my readers must endure! Muah ha ha ha ha!

Well, moving along. The snow up here has come and gone several times and it has caused a little bit of inner turmoil for me here. You see, I am allergic to wood smoke. Since natural gas does not exist up here for us Yukoners, a huge portion of the population uses either propane, wood heat or both to heat their homes. Problem is, wood's cheaper. So while I adore the Yukon, it's geography and it's inhabitants.... I look like I'm constantly sick! Ugh.

It's no coincidence that my migraines, sore throat and watery,itchy eyes all started when the cold weather did. Usually I only feel that way if I missed my morning coffee, but I swear I had two cups this morning and still- symptoms persist. So, I am writing through the fog that is so eloquently advertised on the Claritin commercials. I'll let you know how far I get!

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