Breaking that Scene

That scene, you know the one. It's the scene in that last post about procrastination... Anyways, I blew that scene out of the water. Problem was, I had a four millenia vampire that was intimidating me. How do you write about a being that's lived 4000 years? It was terrifying it seized me completely. I'd stare at the blinking line that makes letters come out of it and talk to it in my brain: please just let letters come.. please.. I don't have to type every time, do I?

Well, today is a great day. Besides losing some weight, nearly getting my pre-pregnancy sized engagement ring on, and joining Urban Yukon (Little button at the bottom of the blog) I got to that scene and I began it in a way that leaves the writing easy to come.

How, do you say, I did it?

Well, tonight I went to the Cramped Hand Writer's group here in the Yukon hosted by Jessica Simon and we sat and wrote. For 25 minutes we wrote without interruption... and then shared. After correcting a short I'm working on I was really able to hunker down and write out the flesh of the beginning of the scene. Plus, the actual reveal I was going to have (I realized) didn't work, so I knew I had to change it up- and I found something even more believable to reveal...

So all in all, it's a great day. Time for bed.

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I need to break the procrastination routine! I have about five projects all on the go that are half done (mittens and mukluks). Why am I so great at getting one mitten finished, but then leaving the other half done?!! Good for you for getting out of it!

Nice to find your blog!