Evolve: Vampire Stories of the New Undead

Review, Evolve: Vampire Stories of the New Undead

Well this is my first review, so thanks for reading. Today's book is listed above and is edited by Nancy Kilpatrick. Published by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing based out of Calgary, Alberta. There is a quick blerb, can't even really call it a forward, by Dacre Stoker; Great Grand Nephew of Bram Stoker. For those who aren't up in the Fantasy genre: Bram Stoker wrote the Massive book Dracula.

The goal of this anthology was to include Canadian Writers writing about the Vampire, in a new and different way. A great Introduction by Nancy Kilpatrick introduces the genre and many of the great movies and books in the genre. She goes on to argue, however, that the vampire has changed several times since the earliest vampires in entertainment. With this anthology of great short stories, she proves that indeed the vampire has changed in literature. Nancy states, "...in Evolve you will find kindly vampires, vicious vampires, helpful and hurtful vamps." She proves quite right.

From shorts about a vampire taunting a vampire hunter "trainee" to a group of medical doctors who are cleansing the blood of the diseased, Evolve has many shorts that will tickle your fancy if you like the vampire sub-genre.

I'd like to also include a review of a short that a fellow Yukon writer had published within this anthology. "How Magnificent is the Universal Donor" by Jerome Stueart is a quick and fun read. Jerome has created a character that keeps us on the edge of our seats while we're wondering when he'll slip up. And, when we finally meet his husband at the end of the piece we're really enthralled at the challenge he faces while his husband is drugged and hilarious. Jerome has not only changed the vampire genre with his interesting twist on vampire as saviour (but are they really?), but also on the presence of homosexuality within literature. His writing is effortless and while the relationship centres on a homosexual couple, he's not preachy about homosexual rights. It was refreshing to see a very well groomed and personable man go through what any husband would call: terrifying.

Congrats again Jerome on your short! It was a pleasure to read, and thank you Edge for giving me an enjoyable way to spend those handful of times I found myself waiting in the car, at home or even in the library!

For those wishing to get more information on Edge, please copy and paste this address in your browser:http://www.edgewebsite.com

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