Announcement and Great Loot!

So I thought I would share the great loot I got today at a garage sale down my street. I went on a nice walk around my neighbourhood and saw a garage sale so I stopped and took a look. What I saw surprised me!

I bought for a total of $5.50:
-A guilded, leather-bound copy of Darwin's On the Origin of Species
-The Joy of Writing by Pierre Burton
-VHS movies (yes, I still have a VHS player:
*The Wedding Singer
*Mrs. Doubtfire
*The original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
*Die Hard, and
*Die Hard 2: Die Harder

Plus a little plushy for my daughter that sings and rocks out! It's a little stuffed platapus that sings "Splish, Splash."

I had a great walk after that since my daughter slept the rest of the walk and I was able to stop and eat my oatmeal and blueberries when I wanted a break. Yes, I know 2.7 Kilometers isn't that far... but YOU haven't recently given birth... :P (Unless of course you have...)

So, I thought I'd share my great loot on that. I also wanted to share with everyone that I will be doing book reviews and author reviews soon. Today I will review the book Evolve: Vampire Stories of the New Undead Edited by Nancy Kilpatrick. An anthology about evolved or the "new" vampire. Stay tuned!

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