While I sit here knowing I need to get to work on my novel, my little comrade procrastination is keeping me company. Just now I very nearly began a blog entry about libraries... wow, that would have been interesting... right.

So while I thought about what would be more interesting to write I realised just how much I was procrastinating in order to avoid this really hard scene I was working on. It's a scene between my two main characters and a third less known character who reveals something to my heroine that rocks her world! It leads her to figure out something about her predicament that makes her certain that the choice she makes at the end of the novel is the right one for her. It's a part of her drive, but I'm not feeling it. I'm sick and tired this day because I was up all night with my newborn and I can't really care about my poor protagonist right now even though she's in complete limbo until I fix her up...

Well, I need to actually get to work on her or I'll never finish this book. And I must finish this book. It shall not make another file in the "really great stories that I just couldn't finish," pile...

I Shall FINISH!!!!!!

(Imagine Queen playing as you read this last line.... seriously, go back and re-read with "We Are The Champions" playing in your head....)

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