Quick Blerb

I just wanted to get on with something I read the other day in What's Up Yukon. While the quote is taken from an article on a play called The Boys, the following is true of anything you pay attention to, spend money on, or otherwise engage in by participating.

"We have choices of what we want to endure because a play or a movie makes an unspoken agreement with the audience. It says, “Stay right there and pay attention. I’m going to say something interesting, important, entertaining.'"

Written by Jerome Stueart of What's Up Yukon, he shares some light on what viewers are really looking for in a play. Sure there's the odd person who goes out because it's better than staying in, but beyond that why work at something unless you've got something to tell?

I'm a writer, if I didn't have something to tell I wouldn't write. But it's not just in the telling, it's in the ability to hook and engage the audience so that they're not merely flies on the wall or observers. It's to get them emotionally involved...

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