I've decided that I need to do a little more research for my book at this point. To me, it's starting to feel a little less genuine because there are certain things about intelligence gathering I don't know. So I'll have to teach myself.

My eldest brother referred the book Silent Warfare: Understanding the World of Intelligence by Abram N. Shulsky and Gary J. Schmitt, to me a little while ago since I myself was aiming for a job in intelligence with the RCAF. I never got around to reading it. It wasn't until after I moved to the Yukon that I thought of the story I'm writing now, so the book never crossed my mind again... until yesterday!

Yesterday night I was unpacking one of the many boxes that are stored in our spare bedroom closet and I found it, at the bottom of the box. It looked at me (With those eyes on the cover) and said "Read Me!"

So, I shall read and then continue. I read a couple pages last night out of curiosity and in those few words I found a better way to distinguish the characters and the plot of my novel. My book will be the better for this research. Wish me speedy reading!

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