Some Comments From Crazi Ivan!

The following were critiques of Crazi_Ivan's on my two short stories that were previously mentioned in another post of mine. The first is a critique of his on my short story I'll be submitting to the CBC Literary Awards:

"Has lots of heavy thick mood. Excellently placed tension. Maybe consider removing the protagonist's nae and keep the third person perspective witnessing and that last little bit in the end. It didn't feel like the judge was supposed to put out a ruling right at that moment. Maybe consider holding the shindig as a pre trial hearing. I like the idea. Very unique and wasn't expecting it till half-way. I'm sure some political cartoonist or editorial writer will take ideas from this in some way shape or form. That's the truest form of flattery, haha."

The second is a critique of a story I'll be submitting to Edge for the Tesseracts 15 anthology.

"Good job so far, e-five!!!"

Both comments have been edited in order to protect the subject and content of these stories until these pieces are submitted.

Thanks Evan, I appreciate all the help and am taking quite a few of your suggestions into consideration for the next draft!

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