Business theory

I recently noticed that there are very few days left until Christmas. I walked into my favourite coffee chain, Starbucks, and noticed that my favourite drink is available. I pulled the breaks on.

Wait, my favourite beverage isn't available until the Christmas season! WTH? (My take on the WTF phenomenon.) Is it truly Christmas already? No. We haven't even had Remembrance Day yet,what's going on?

Yes, many people speak and write and podcast, etc., about the early advertising and planning in the business world and how it's quite ridiculous. It is, but I wonder if there's more to that. Is it even a good business decision? To devote an entire quarter's sales and business to the Christmas holiday? I mean, wouldn't there be more demand if you kept it shorter and closer to the actual holiday season? I wonder, If people typically buy more items when they are brand new, and on sale-then take the holiday sales and shorten the period. Have some other special/seasonal sales plan and keep the holidays' sales short and sweet. You'll garner more sales if you keep to the holidays and then place everything on sale shortly afterwards. It also gives you a whole new series of merchandise and goods to sell... isn't this philosophy called the "limited edition?" sales theory? I'm just guessing. I'm not up on business theory, but if you know of any suggestions or would like to share, let me know.

And what's my favourite drink, you ask? Triple Grande Caramel Non-fat Brule latte..

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