I've decided that I need to do a little more research for my book at this point. To me, it's starting to feel a little less genuine because there are certain things about intelligence gathering I don't know. So I'll have to teach myself.

My eldest brother referred the book Silent Warfare: Understanding the World of Intelligence by Abram N. Shulsky and Gary J. Schmitt, to me a little while ago since I myself was aiming for a job in intelligence with the RCAF. I never got around to reading it. It wasn't until after I moved to the Yukon that I thought of the story I'm writing now, so the book never crossed my mind again... until yesterday!

Yesterday night I was unpacking one of the many boxes that are stored in our spare bedroom closet and I found it, at the bottom of the box. It looked at me (With those eyes on the cover) and said "Read Me!"

So, I shall read and then continue. I read a couple pages last night out of curiosity and in those few words I found a better way to distinguish the characters and the plot of my novel. My book will be the better for this research. Wish me speedy reading!


Some Comments From Crazi Ivan!

The following were critiques of Crazi_Ivan's on my two short stories that were previously mentioned in another post of mine. The first is a critique of his on my short story I'll be submitting to the CBC Literary Awards:

"Has lots of heavy thick mood. Excellently placed tension. Maybe consider removing the protagonist's nae and keep the third person perspective witnessing and that last little bit in the end. It didn't feel like the judge was supposed to put out a ruling right at that moment. Maybe consider holding the shindig as a pre trial hearing. I like the idea. Very unique and wasn't expecting it till half-way. I'm sure some political cartoonist or editorial writer will take ideas from this in some way shape or form. That's the truest form of flattery, haha."

The second is a critique of a story I'll be submitting to Edge for the Tesseracts 15 anthology.

"Good job so far, e-five!!!"

Both comments have been edited in order to protect the subject and content of these stories until these pieces are submitted.

Thanks Evan, I appreciate all the help and am taking quite a few of your suggestions into consideration for the next draft!


Breaking that Scene

That scene, you know the one. It's the scene in that last post about procrastination... Anyways, I blew that scene out of the water. Problem was, I had a four millenia vampire that was intimidating me. How do you write about a being that's lived 4000 years? It was terrifying it seized me completely. I'd stare at the blinking line that makes letters come out of it and talk to it in my brain: please just let letters come.. please.. I don't have to type every time, do I?

Well, today is a great day. Besides losing some weight, nearly getting my pre-pregnancy sized engagement ring on, and joining Urban Yukon (Little button at the bottom of the blog) I got to that scene and I began it in a way that leaves the writing easy to come.

How, do you say, I did it?

Well, tonight I went to the Cramped Hand Writer's group here in the Yukon hosted by Jessica Simon and we sat and wrote. For 25 minutes we wrote without interruption... and then shared. After correcting a short I'm working on I was really able to hunker down and write out the flesh of the beginning of the scene. Plus, the actual reveal I was going to have (I realized) didn't work, so I knew I had to change it up- and I found something even more believable to reveal...

So all in all, it's a great day. Time for bed.

CTV Screen Writing Competition

For more details, please go to the following website:


An internship is offered, and for anyone out of Toronto that is selected they will pay for your travel and accomodations while you are participating! What an opportunity!

I'll be taking a stab at the Dec 1st deadline myself!



While I sit here knowing I need to get to work on my novel, my little comrade procrastination is keeping me company. Just now I very nearly began a blog entry about libraries... wow, that would have been interesting... right.

So while I thought about what would be more interesting to write I realised just how much I was procrastinating in order to avoid this really hard scene I was working on. It's a scene between my two main characters and a third less known character who reveals something to my heroine that rocks her world! It leads her to figure out something about her predicament that makes her certain that the choice she makes at the end of the novel is the right one for her. It's a part of her drive, but I'm not feeling it. I'm sick and tired this day because I was up all night with my newborn and I can't really care about my poor protagonist right now even though she's in complete limbo until I fix her up...

Well, I need to actually get to work on her or I'll never finish this book. And I must finish this book. It shall not make another file in the "really great stories that I just couldn't finish," pile...

I Shall FINISH!!!!!!

(Imagine Queen playing as you read this last line.... seriously, go back and re-read with "We Are The Champions" playing in your head....)


Itah Sadu: PHENOMENAL!!!!

Yesterday I went to a two hour workshop held by my local library and presented by Itah Sadu. It was a workshop on storytelling, and throughout Itah held everyone's attention! You couldn't look away, and I'll never forget how wonderful she was at including everyone in the process.

If you ever get the chance to meet her, hear her or go to her bookstore in Toronto, please do. You'd regret not going if you had ever met her. Below will be two links. One to her bookstore (A Different Booklist) and another to a Youtube of her speaking about her sense of belonging in Canada.