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My daughter is nine and a half months old.  She's very curious, happy and inquisitive.  To encourage this I even allow her to play with adult "toys" once in awhile to get her creativity and imagination going. 

A week ago I gave her my cell phone to play with.  It is a flip phone and very thin, so easily slipped into small spaces that after my daughter played with it, I could no longer find it.  My daughter had slipped it somewhere after carrying it around for almost an hour while I looked away, impervious to her plan. 

I only found it today.  When I gave her my phone, it was at half battery life.  While waiting for her dad to come home so he could call it, it must have died because his calling made no sound in any part of the house whatsoever.  Frustrated I began tearing up the house and pulling cushions off the couch, lifting the chaise lounger, peering in bags and toys alike to find the hidden phone.

It turns out she hid it in our bedroom under a little leather ottoman I have.  While it's not the most creative place, there were other things stuffed under there that are remarkably baby-related.  Lost soothers, small toys, adult things she covets.  I found my daughter's stash.

While it'll happen again sooner or later, probably when she's a teen; I have to admit I'm really impressed that at this age she has the capacity to put things in one localized place.  This is very unusual in toddlers let alone babies.  So while I awe over my child and before I begin any ranting over my child's smarts, I shall leave it here and now.

Last, I wanted to share a satirical article entitled "6 Shockingly Evil Things Babies Are Capable Of."  He says some rude things, but all of the research is correct... enjoy, and don't take it too seriously!

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