Mailing List?

A few friends and family members have requested that I set up a mailing list to notify them of when I post a blog entry.  Reason being that they don't follow facebook as much as others but they do check their email regularly.

The end result being thus:  I will be setting up a mailing list in order for people to find out when a new blog is posted.  Rather than having to commit to being on another media type (facebook, twitter, etc.) you can just check your email and know there's a new post. 

For those wanting to join, please send an email to writeramandamcdonald@hotmail.com, and in the subject heading write "Mailing List." 

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Val said...

This is a great idea. I have a google reader that alerts me when a blog has a new post & resent terribly if I need to check anything other than it & email. Thanks for being sensitive to the needs of non constant-contact people!