Relaxation breeds creativity

I know the old addage that ensuring your health ensures all of your abilities to function, hindrance likewise causes issues in all aspect of your life.  This is also true if the hindrace is simply lack of sleep.

While in Hawaii for a 9 days I had the most amazing time because even though the whole family went, ergo sum stress, I still had a great time relaxing and only being responsible for myself.  My wonderful mother-in-law took our ten month old daughter for the 9 days and stayed with her in Edmonton at my sister-in-law's.  It was like a fairy tale came true.  Even though travelling is stressful, I think there's that moment in a mother's life after giving birth where we wonder where that fairy tale godmother is that is supposed to come along and make us beautiful, remove the spit up from our clothes and then tell us to take off while she beguiles the heavenly-quiet-child with sweet serenade.  Of course, this never happens.  Until two weeks ago... : D

I think that most weddings alone indicate a lack of "happily ever after" and that the next morning alone when you sit in the toilet and nearly fall in from lack of a toilet seat, there's something that makes you wonder where the godmother was then too... but I digress.

The truth is, there is not one woman who's ever married a man that doesn't have at least one day of, "what the hell did I get myself into?"  The truth is that studies, numerous in fact, have proven that women have better quality of life and higher happiness scores when they live on their own, or ensure seperate living quarters from their partner.  Males however tend to have the opposite issue.  Especially as they age, men tend to have a lower standard of living if they are not coupled up.  What does this have to do with Hawaii?

There is no wonder more and more people are scurrying off to trips abroad to escape life's remedial daily issues.  If we don't then the wear a tear tend to creep up on us to the point that we don't even notice that the permanent pressure on our heads is called a tension headache; all too easy to avoid notice if it takes a migraine to make you say.. "Okay, I'm in pain.  Maybe I should take it slow."

In Hawaii, I noticed that not only do I not take care of myself enough, but I also don't take the time I'm given to full advantage.  After the third night of popping extra strength tylenol before bed did I notice that my headaches occurred not because I was super busy, but that even in Hawaii I was failing to relax and take advantage of the "stress free" environment.  That night I resolved to relax.

The next day my husband asked me to go on a car ride with him to the northshore of the island of Oahu.  To be honest here, my husband and I are not calm drivers.  To make matters worse I was suffering a really bad head cold that left me really dizzy and driving around already makes me car sick.  I was dreading the trip.  And, of course for the first hour on the road we both let our tempers flare, but once we got it out of our system we had a pretty good time.  I was thrilled that I'd finally had him & me time, and he was thrilled I went with him.  Yes, I sacrificed a day on the beach or poolside to go.  Yes, I was looking forward to not having to be anywhere.  Last, yes, yelling and getting all miss-communique'ed up got me stressed.  Then, I went to bed realizing that I had been able to enjoy time with my husband in a way we hadn't done in a long time, ten months to be exact. That alone helped releive some of the stress from earlier in the day.

I began to actually care less about who was where and why they were late, and just began to chill out.  I had my moments, as did everyone on the trip... Did I mention most of my family was there?  

 In the end, I came back from the trip with pages of new ideas for stories short and long alike, I desperately missed my baby girl, and I decided that unpacking the bags could wait.  It was a productive break from the tedious norm, a reminder to take care of myself and it connected me back to the root of myself.

Plus, my headaches are a lot more noticeable now, perhaps I should find alternative methods to calming them rather than dosing them with acetaminophen? Perhaps my liver would thank me.

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Jackie Irvine's Landscape Art said...

Hi Amanda;
I am new to UrbanYukon.com and have been looking at my fellow bloggers. I wrote a comment recently about replenishing the creative spirit - mine is a bit of a different take. I would love to go to Hawaii and soak up that sun. It is so true about the challenges of being a new mother and how it feels. I so remember how this new little life is totally dependant on you for all needs 24/7. It takes some adusting! I have three teenagers 18,17, and 14...now this is an adjustment too! Well now I can leave but don't dare! But they can go on trips which recently has happened. How strange having the house all to ourselves.
Jackie Irvine