Parenting Project Underway

I've hinted at some projects that I haven't yet come clean about because at the moment, I really can't tell all the details, but I've gotten requests for hints. 

The projects are small and humble, in my opinion, but they are worth noting finally.  One larger project for me, not yet being a full blown writer living off her successes, is that I've pitched a publication about doing a parenting column, and it seems they're thinking about it.  So, yay!

Another project, is my novel.  The first chapter you can read here.  If you like what you read, please let me know.  I could really use the pick-me-up.  It's more of a fluke project that began when I first had to go on sick leave from my job before my maternity.  I was sitting in Starbucks and I wanted to write and I began thinking about all those vampire novels and all of the urban vampire stuff like Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse and Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake.  Officially, they both have mystery and suspense and they deal with Vampires existing in such a way that humans know about them.  I thought about all of the ways that would truly happen if, and when, vampires ever truly came out of the coffin.  It's one of those things that I think has gotten a lot of ridicule over the past couple of years because the biggest readership of these series are girls.  Every male comedian and his dog now trash the vampire novels....

But here's a hint guys...  They weren't written with you in mind.   Oh, sorry--forgot to tell you, you're not the biggest market anymore... Us ladies are rockin' the population and the book market.  Now, of course I know a ton of guys that read, and even in my own family we're all readers (males included), but I have to be honest here.  The Mel Gibson movie, What Women Want is an example in and of itself.  It's about an advertising and media company talking about needing to appeal to the feminine market, why?  Because women are one of the largest demographics with flexible income.  And, spend it we do!  The irony?  The movie was made not only to make a commentary about the female populace, but also because it was aimed at that particular demographic.  It's a romance, it's hilarious... and whether you like Mel or not, he's not hard to look at or listen to.

Now that I have made my point along that vein, I must reiterate that my own book is aimed not specifically at females even though the main protagonist is a woman.  It's at all those readers who like international suspense and thrills.  It's an international thriller based on the premise that vampires have revealed themselves.  Especially, what would happen in Canada?  So, if you're a Canadian Sci-Fi writer, then please pick up on what I'm talking about. Let's try and get a whole Canadian Vampire Universe out there.  I'll call it the CVU while I'm at it.  Ha ha!

My two other projects are aimed at the children's book level.  One is a picture book, and one is a reluctant-reader style book based on a protagonist who is undergoing bullying at her school.  One of my rejections has been for the picture book, but it's because there's really not a huge market for board-style picture books at the moment.  Other than that I have two short Sci-Fi stories that are going back into my imagination for a time where I can mull them over and pull them back out, shiny and new. 

Well, I'd best get going... but before I do, a little announcement.  I've finally decided to do a competition...  Keep an eye here, for more details.

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