CVU Writing Competition

 In honor of my daughter's birthday (May 6th), I am going to host a writing competition for the best CVU short... In my last post I told you about the CVU.  If you want a better description, read here.

The CVU, is the Canadian Vampire Universe.  I've coined the phrase because with American writers, the vampire "reality" has been a great source of inspiration and has lended itself very well to writing about modern issues, in a creative way.  Think Charlaine Harris and Laurell K Hamilton.  Both take regional issues and politics and use their vampire universes to make a commentary of it.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to write a 500-800 word story on the CVU.  It's got to be Canadian focused, but you don't have to be a Canadian Writer.  Topics, characters, etc., it's all up to you!

The prize?

A copy of Laurell K Hamilton's Obsidian Butterfly.  Anita returns to the fray with Edward, a bounty hunter and lives in the hometown of this cold-blooded killer, New Mexico.  While there, she meets a vampire who's convinced herself she's a goddess and murders abound.  Can her, Edward and sadist Olaf solve the murders before Anita herself has her heart literally torn out of her chest?  You'll have to win to find out.

It's my favorite book of Hamilton's because the eroticism of the books that precede is put by the way-side so that Laurell can focus on her character and developing a truly unique story.  The plus side, Hamilton is releasing her book, Hit List on June 7th.  It's again going to be a book focused on the Edward-Anita relationship and give us a break from some of the rather continual eroticism.  To be sure, I'm not bashing eroticism, I just know that I personally wouldn't choose to read it--until of course I became addicted to Anita Blake.  I love the character, and I think Hamilton's writing is at it's best when focused on the stories that feature Anita and Edward.  Obsidian Butterfly I think, is the most successful and the most balanced story and riveting plot.  Yes, I just used riveting!  Gasp!

The date to watch for?  Get your stories to me by May 18th   with CVU in the subject line, and I'll have the winner announced by June 1st.  
Email them to writeramandamcdonald@hotmail.com

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