Out and About

Today my husband and I went out for diner.  We'd had a great week overall and we wanted to celebrate.  There are two wonderful things that came out of this diner and one thing I want to rant about.

I guess I should start with the rant and get it out of the way.  I bring my daughter out often because she is such a well-behaved child.  The problem today is that she happens to be teething really bad.  We sat in a restaurant with very few patrons and let our baby play and draw and sometimes she whined.  Primarily it was a hollow cry that meant "Let me play with your phone."  I don't like her to whine for things, so I hold the item in front of me and I shush her.  If she doesn't quiet down I don't give it to her, I offer her instead a distraction. 

This usually works like a charm.  Unfortunately, my baby girl didn't.  She wanted my cell and she wanted it bad.  Finally I shushed her and then handed her the phone, why? Because, she's in pain, she's cranky and she's not whining to have her way--she's whining because she's got no more patience left.  On my right I had a solo man reading constantly shaking his head whenever he looked at us and then we had a pair of elderly women in a corner across from us tsk-ing my choice to hand her the phone.  I only have one thing to say to each: warning.  I'm not holding anything back.

Man with the book:  Get the hell over it, we're not "them with children," We're the average Canadian.. you're the anomaly.  If you want to be a single book reader without children interrupting your meal so you can read, go sign up at a monastery.  I hear there's a nice one in New Westminster.

Women in the corner: Screw off.  Last time you had to deal with a one year old, you were probably fighting off Americans in the year of 1912, or perhaps you were watching as Americans came trucking through the Yukon to build the Alaska Highway.  Either way, you don't know my child-at least not to the level that I do.

Up for something more pleasant now???

The two positive things were really awesome.

The first may seem trivial, but to be honest it really made our day and it saved us a pretty penny.  The one thing I hate about eating out with a one year old is that you never know what to order your child.  Children's menus tend to only cater to children who eat completely independently.  Adult menus are more expensive and the servings are much larger. So my husband and I were fretting over what to order her when we saw some really small script at the top of the children's menu, "Children under Two eat free."


My daughter got her mashed potatoes and gravy for free, saving us a ton of money.  Plus, she got a glass of warmed milk for free.  I was so stunned, I wondered why we hadn't eaten there sooner.  How do people not know about this?  So... if you're in Whitehorse, eat at......... Ricki's.  I know they have a bad rep-what for, I don't know. But the food, although chok-full of sodium, was really yummy.  They have some neat dishes that aren't at all scary, and the lengths they went through to make sure my family was situated comfortably, it put icing on the customer service cake.

The third item total, but second happy item.  My husband's and my wedding song came on while we ate.  I don't know why, but I haven't heard it since my baby girl was born.  As I sat there elated that the bill would be smaller, I also appreciated having my family around me and felt much more relaxed than I had in ages.

I better get to bed, but before I go... try this: for every one thing you could rant about, find two items you appreciate.  Good night sweet world.

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