Barely here...

In the past my delinquency in writing has been due to a lack of direction with where the story was going, or perhaps I knew the basic plot but couldn't strum up the smaller-but more important) strings of character development and plot arch. 

Now, I find that everything is well planned... I just have to get the darned words out.  But it's not happening.

Frustrating enough would be the issues with writing, but now it's motivation.  It's as if I'm bored with my topic, but shring it with others seems exciting... then it's drowned with self-doubt.  Who'd want to read what I write?  Who cares about my genre of fiction anymore, anyways?  Seriously, aren't people sick of vampires yet?  What's my writing got that others don't?

Well, you get the point.  It seems, since my daughter's been able to walk, I've been completely unmotivated to write because I'm exhausted.  When I finally get time to myself, I'm selfish and steal all of it from my writing.  My poor muse looks like a crack addict on one of those posters ten years after she's been introduced.  She looks like she's 60! 

Writing this blog alone looks like it's rejuvinated her!  (My apologies for the absence for awhile.)

I have to find motivation.  For that reason, I'm looking at articles about motivation.  Follow me on twitter to see the articles and doo-dads that I find....

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