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Hello All!

It is fall and there are a lot of new beginnings, and a lot of summer things completing if not already over.  The trees are yellow, orange and red and getting ready to adjust to the change of year.

So too must writers.  The freedom that late night light and warm weather affords will push us inside and force us more than ever to get cozy more than we would in the summer.  In the summer we spend time outside just to read, to listen and meditate, and for activities like running, etc.

In the winter we still spend activity time outside, but the less defined time is spent indoors.

With that in mind, we look to the best activities for writers that require intense time indoors.  Editing.  And what's editing without a critique group?


I am beginning a writer's critique/editing group for the area of Whitehorse.  The group will meet once a month and I currently have approximately 5 people interested, with one 'Maybe.' 

This group will be for writers of any genre or medium; whether you are western, sci-fi or fantasy, and especially if you are a novel, memoir or poetry writer. This group is to bring people together who can look both within their style and outside of it, and for people who are willing to learn from others.  If you'd like to participate you will need to be willing not only to give pieces to critique/edit but also to take pieces to critique and edit. 

Don't be shy.  All the best writer's list critique groups in their acknowledgements and it's truly astounding the things you learn from other writers.  So, in support of other Northern Writers and Linguistic artists, send me an email and lend your expertise!
 My phone and email information is listed on my business page. 

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