Brave New Sex

I recently submitted a piece, non fiction/memoir-style, for the upcoming Brave New Sex which is put on by Brave New Works.  I presented the first scene of my novel at Brave New Works last year around this time and jumped at the opprotunity to present something again.

Well, I sent in my submission and eagerly awaited an answer.  This weekend I got one, here's part of the message:  (Please note: I have officially recieved permission to post about Brave New Sex.)

     "Hi Amanda,

       Thanks so much for your submission for Brave New Sex! Lauren and I have decided on the programming for the show, and are pleased to include you in what we know will be an amazing show!
     We'd like to have you present your piece, and can offer a dramaturgy session with Celia McBride and an editing/writing session with Patricia Robertston. More information about scheduling and sessions will be available soon. We're looking at having six other pieces/performers, plus one short video within the performance."

And there was more, but that stuff is not relevant to you, my readers.  What IS relevant to you is WHEN the presentations will be.

Brave New Sex will be on Nov. 18th and 19th (Subject to change) and location and times TBA, they will be posted here as I find them out!


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