Four things to consider if submitting traditionally.

In the fairly quick-paced world of publishing, ebooks and POD presses, a lot is changing.  If you are an author who wishes to continue through traditional publishing, there are some major things to take into consideration. 

First: Why are you publishing traditionally?
Second: What Publishers are you looking to query/submit to?
Third: Have they had any improprieties?
Fourth: Have you looked through writers associations of your genre or style to find out what the authors in your industry are saying about those publishers?


I have written a book that could be called a political thriller, but it is based on a fantasy premise and focused on the urbanization of the fantastical world in which it was based.  This would make my book, Urban Fantasy, with regards to submissions or querying. 

When I looked at the SFWA, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, they had a list of publishers but beside them they also had notes by some.  Others, if clicked on, led to a page about the infractions.  Go to this page to see what SFWA had to say about the publisher: Dorchester Publishing Company

If you click on this page, it demonstrates that not one single author cried wolf.  Many authors had claims against this publishing group that led the SFWA to warn their writers against associating with this company. 

Does this mean that traditional publishing is bad? No.  It means there's bad apples and that writers have to be very careful about where they submit.  These authors had contracts but the company, allegedly, broke contract agreements to make more money at the writer's expense.  Soooo not cool.

So, careful writers.  You don't want to get taken advantage of...

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