Brave New Sex

Brave New Sex and the Nakai's 24 hour play writing competition were both great. I had a lot of enjoyment reading my play at the latter and seeing what else was written.

At Brave New Sex each performer was given feedback by the crowd.  I received twenty-six feedback cards and appreciate each of them.  Mostly positive in nature, there were about three recommendations, each of them different. 

Here are a few for my blog readers:

"I really liked your informal manner and how you interacted. Thank you for sharing."

"Wonderful and moving, love the ending. Got Goosebumps."

"Nice job. Great story. Very personal. Very well told. Nice delivery. I was totally enthralled."

I would now like to give the crowd my own feedback, "Thanks for coming and thank you for making my presentation easy."

Thanks again to everyone who came, produced and participated.

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