Count Down: 4 Websites Self-Publishers Should Consider

The Count Down: 10 Days Until New Year's Day

4 Websites Self-Publishers Should Consider

These are some websites that self-publishers should consider. Mostly due to the services they provide, but they are also worth considering because they provide a readership and the possibility to build fans.  Who doesn't want some fans?

4) Wattpad: www.wattpad.com

A website that also provides a phone app for those who become addicted.  It's a story sharing community that benefits the reader a fraction more than benefits the writer. I personally believe that stories should be paid for so this community, while it would be a great place to build readership- I'm not as big a fan of it as other groups on this list.

3) Lightning Source: www.lightningsource.com

A great location for lower cost print publishing, this website has fast turn around but doesn't provide ebook assistance and they don't provide publisher services that include design, editorial or marketing services. They can however, print from a digital copy from disc or download, or they can take a pre-published piece and make more of the same. It's worth considering since any person or distributor can access these books and put orders in for print copies.

2) Create Space: www.createspace.com

A website that allows you to publish either to the kindle format or in hardcover, the website assists you in designing your book and get it ready to publish. They have more information about formatting your work and tips for marketing. There are paid services but there are a whole host of options provided for free. You can review pictures and images to create a cover or, see my article about locations for great stock photos HERE.
Then you can go to the Cover Creator and review the inside of your book, it's all really easy and if you're only a little familiar with computer language then you can find comprehensive instructions on this site.

1) Smash Words: www.smashwords.com

The website where Amanda Hawking became a million dollar author, you can build your readership and charge a much lower cost for your work because it's available via ebook and you get 70% of the profits, rather than less.  In traditional publishing you would earn 15% if you're lucky, it's usually closer to 7%, 1/10th of what you can make self-publishing online. It's worth going there to publish your short stories at the least to build your platform and readership.  If, like me, you still want to publish traditionally, then this can be a great platform to -as I mentioned-publish your shorts, and if it does well you can mention that in your pitch.  Publishing houses are really starting to pay attention to these markets and sources for readership because traditional publishers are starting to miss out and the digital market is growing... it's hard to ignore.

Hope this list was helpful, only 4 days until the New Year!

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