Count Down: 7 Resources for Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Count Down: Ten Days Until the New Year Presents,

7 Resources for Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Like #9 I'm going to focus for a bit on businesses since a great deal of serious writers are freelancers with or without day jobs.  These resources are quite broad for Yukoners and some a little more specific to Yukon but, in the end most persons in the rest of Canada can usually find resources in their own communities that provide similar opportunities.

7. www.bizpal.ca

Available online in both French and English I find this website on a handful of websites citing it as a resource but it's more of a one-trick pony.  If you're starting a company and you need to find out if you are required to get a permit, then this is the website for you.  As freelance writers it only cites one permit for use, but it's technically incorrect.  It cites the Federal business permit, but it's missing two others.  In order to opperate in the Yukon you have to be registered in the Yukon and you also need a municipality permit.  So if you operate in Whitehorse, you need a Whitehorse Business License.  Be careful on this one as it's obviously missing things.

6. YTG Business Resource Page: gov.yk.ca/services/business_resources.html

Includes Yukon-Specific information but if you require this information and do not live in the Yukon, just check our your province, territory or state's webpage and follow the prompts for businesses. This page provides information such as statistics and tenders and tendering forecast, and quite a bit more.

5. Industry Canada: www.ic.gc.ca

Includes resources for business start-up, statistics, and my favorite page is Business Tools and Resources.

4. Canada Business Service Centre: www.canadabusiness.ca

Tools for finding financing, another permits and licenses tool, and Service Centre details. Further to that there are great resources for starting your own business, tips for selling to governments, and even copyright and intellectual property details. This one is one of my favorite all-time resources just for some of the great details you can get in their resources and resource articles.

3. Dana Naye Ventures: www.dananaye.yk.net

Here in Whitehorse, DNV is a great opportunity if you qualify for their programming. They offer some of the most down-to-earth consulting on opening a business here in the Yukon and some great course options such as the Feasibility Study.  For more details see them or Employment Central.

1 & 2.  Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce: www.whitehorsechamber.com, and The Yukon Chamber of Commerce: www.yukonchamber.com

The best resource for entrepreneurs and business people are opportunities to network.  The chambers do this.  Both host events and have lists of local businesses that provide specific products or services for Yukoners or Whitehorse-ians. Great opportunities with these two chambers, and most communities either have local chambers or they'll have regional or provincial chambers.

Hope that everyone can find a resource to help them out in this list.  As sole-proprietorships, writers need to also see their writing as a business because there are laws regarding income, intellectual property and business activity in the instance of owning permits and licenses.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope you're all enjoying some form of cooked bird and underground tuber....

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