Count Down: 8 Top Websites for Writers

Count Down: 10 Days Until the New Year presents:

8 Top Websites for Writers

I have written on this before so I'll keep this list brief.  I'm going to try not to double up on my previous post or my recent email on ArtsNet by reiterating my favorite blogs or writers-only websites, instead I'm focusing on websites in general.

8)Joe Konrath Blog jakonrath.blogspot.com Successful genre-writing tips and a great list of about 300 recommended blogs as well.
7) Preditors and Editors: http://www.invirtuo.cc/prededitors/ A great website for ensuring you're not getting scammed by a fake or illegitimate editor or agent, etc.  They are being sued right now and are looking for donations to stay afloat, I honestly think it's worth supporting because they will report when agents, editors and publishers act inappropriately.  Take a look for yourself at their website.
6) Book Cover Archive: www.bookcoverarchive.com Search for book covers and the latest trends in the market.  Great for Self-Publishers.
5) Twitter: twitter.com You can follow a ton of people who are in the literary world like publishers, writers, editors and agents.  Each of these people pour out their knowledge daily in short snippets called tweets.  Some tweet often and others once a week, but it's a great way to keep on eye on things.  You can also check out the trends on hastags.  Usually with the pound symbol (#) before a word is called a hashtag.  Some popular ones for writers are: #amwriting, #writers, and #writing.
4) Media Bistro: mediabistro.com A website that give you information about the media publications that are open to pitches, gives feedback on writer-related items, such as how to write a resume as a writer. Worth taking a look at if you want to pitch magazines or large newspapers.
3)Places for Writers: placesforwriters.com Primarily Canadian, it posts when new opportunities to write are presented. I personally don't pitch to competitions because I would rather get published, but they also have a wonderful list of upcoming competitions that some writers will appreciate.
2) Easy Street Prompts: easystreetprompts.blogspot.com A website that posts a single photo everyday as a writing prompt.  Videos are given sometimes too.  Take a look if you're in a slump.
1) Blogger: blogger.com Okay a little bit silly but I've belonged to two other blogging locations before and they were so frustrating to learn and get used to that I never actually posted anything.  Blogger's great because you can use your blogger dashboard to subscribe to RSS feeds.  So, I've got a list of my favorite blogs and RSS feeds linked into my blogger and I couldn't be happier! One site for so much...

I hope you liked this list.  If you did, I'll have another list that's similar later on in this count down.  If you're a self-publisher or are interested in self or E publishing, then stay tuned for 4 days before New Years.  I'll have a short list of 4 great resources for self-publishers or e publishers.

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