Subscribers, Addicts and Readership

Wow, I was only looking at the blogger count of subscribers this entire time, knowing that I have two bloggers from blogger that have subscribed.  I always figured that this was a low number but it was better than 0, right?  Plus, at the minimum I have two loyal readers.  So, thanks to N.A. Pedde and to Neragioia who have both subscribed via blogger.

However, I think that my Karma in positive belief is returning to me because I took a look at feedburner and a couple other stat sites and they stated that I have over 27 regular viewer that have subscribed to my feed.  Plus, there are over 1200 viewers on my blog every month.

Might not be much compared to the traffic that authors with 20 books published might get, but I'm stoked.  Thanks everyone for the readership.  Without you folks I wouldn't have a readership.  ;-)  Much love goes out to you!

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