You're looking at #3

Well, I have been writing for Factoidz.com for about three days now, and have had three articles published without any of them returning for editing.  This is good.  I have a fourth in the review/editing process right now.  I'm hoping I can keep up my streak...

In three days I have also garnered the success of being the #3 ranked expert in "Women's Safety" under the heading of Women's Health.  All three articles have been in this topic and subcategory and one article in particular has gotten three votes by other factoidz writers. 

I am really surprised.  I've wanted to break into "professional writing" for quite sometime, but have been turned down because local resources were sparse.  I use the term "local" loosely as I'm a bit of a live wire and love to travel around.  In any case, I'm completely thrilled because it means that I must have at least a little skill.  This is a great thing to have for myself in those all-too-common moments of self-doubt and criticism. 

For anyone who regularly reads my blog, I don't know exactly who you are--but I want to thank you.  The traffic on my blog has steadily increased with every post since October, and it's heartening to know there are individuals out there reading my writing.  Even if it isn't in a print form, like a novel...yet.


New Gig: Articles.

 It seems I am now a Factoidz.com writer!  I have currently published two articles for the site, and have one waiting for approval.  I am not entirely sure how the payment works, but have set up a PayPal account for the purposes... I will let my readers know more when I find out. So far my two articles are on women's safety, specifically, Domestic Violence and Abuse.  Please read them, I've posted them below.

"Leave Abusive Partners: Top 5 Reasons You Need To Get Out"

and, "Domestic Violence: Help Her Get Out"

I will post here and Twitter when my  next article is published!


Daily Writing Tips

If you're a writer, and I certainly hope you are even if it's only your diary, you should check out this awesome website.  I have nothing but great things to say about it.  It's Daily Writing Tips. It's a great daily resource into the world of writing faux-pas, grammar, and 'who knew?!'

If you visit the site, you'll see that there's an entire list of "popular articles" on the right and a list of categories on the left.  There probably isn't any topic too small or too "niched" to have been dealt with before.  So, click on the link above or copy and paste the link below... either way, check this site out.  Also worthy of note is that you can publish it to your RSS feed and have it go directly to your blogger dashboard.  It's a mighty handy little trick!