Self Publishing

I went to a writing retreat in the fall and I have to say that I learned a lot about e-publishing as well as self publishing that  I didn't to begin with, but my opinion hasn't changed all that much.  For my initial blog about self-publishing versus traditional please click here.  I will have a few other blog posts and links below for anyone thinking about these processes or considering either.

YukonDude posted a question quite awhile ago about e-publishing and my opinion about such publishing.  You can see his secondary comment by clicking on the link I have above and scrolling down to see his comment.

The thing with e-publishing is that it makes it easy to buy for the tech-savy reader, it creates a large production range for the author/writer and it produces a plethora of reading for that writer's readership because the author can publish his or her own short stories, long stories or stories too short for one or too long for the other.
What someone considering e-publishing has to consider is the marketting.  Yes, it's less expensive than the marketing of paperback books but it's also very intensive.  The person who has written must therefore publish but then put the book out, it cuts out distributors and the actual publishers, hence: the middle man.

I can see these things making for a really positive outlook on e-publishing, but I would like to press that this is all great if you already have a readership.  If you don't you're just publishing a book that may or may not get readership. Marketing your book, going through the process of adding your book to e-bookstore locations, and then getting the odds and ends (think: book cover) done all take away time from what's most important to me: my writing.

If I do self-e-publish, then it would be in the far future after I have a large readership, but probably not.

When I truly love a book or writer, I buy their books because I know I'll want it for my permanent collection.  As a writer I have to hope that I can touch readers in that way... to make a reader want to keep my book for their permanent collection.

Now, as a person who understands she has her own bias here, I have invited Deanna Proach, a self-published author, to guest post here.  She wrote a historical fiction, Day of Revenge and can speak to the realities of self-publishing. We'll have her speak on Monday around 5pm. Keep an eye out for that post.

Here's the list of previous blogs regarding traditional, self or e-publishing.

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Here are some other blogs that I would recommend for writers looking at each of these forms.

Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing:  Caution, the video is very skewed in one way because the presenter is the CEO for a self-publishing company.  I would skip the video all-together! Read the article though.
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Self-Publish, or not? Brings up some good points...
Is self-publishing for you? Pros and Cons.  This writer has products for sale, and usually I am hesitant to recommend anything that advertises items, but the information is good and it's proof that she self-publishes.
3 Self-Publishing Pros and Cons  A little amateur and doesn't deal with every problem I would note, this blog entry has the tone of supporting self-publishing.
Traditional Publishing Pros and Cons A really great look at traditional publishing and it's pros and cons.  Brings to light some things that hopeful authors might not know.
Traditional Publishing: Pros and Cons Not bad, but as the image shows, it's a bit one sided.
What are the pros and cons of traditional publishing? This website launches not only into traditional, but also e-publishing, POD (Print on Demand) and self-publishing.

I hope this help, remember to come back on Monday for Deanna Proach's guest blog on self-publishing.


Subscribers, Addicts and Readership

Wow, I was only looking at the blogger count of subscribers this entire time, knowing that I have two bloggers from blogger that have subscribed.  I always figured that this was a low number but it was better than 0, right?  Plus, at the minimum I have two loyal readers.  So, thanks to N.A. Pedde and to Neragioia who have both subscribed via blogger.

However, I think that my Karma in positive belief is returning to me because I took a look at feedburner and a couple other stat sites and they stated that I have over 27 regular viewer that have subscribed to my feed.  Plus, there are over 1200 viewers on my blog every month.

Might not be much compared to the traffic that authors with 20 books published might get, but I'm stoked.  Thanks everyone for the readership.  Without you folks I wouldn't have a readership.  ;-)  Much love goes out to you!


Brave New Sex

Brave New Sex and the Nakai's 24 hour play writing competition were both great. I had a lot of enjoyment reading my play at the latter and seeing what else was written.

At Brave New Sex each performer was given feedback by the crowd.  I received twenty-six feedback cards and appreciate each of them.  Mostly positive in nature, there were about three recommendations, each of them different. 

Here are a few for my blog readers:

"I really liked your informal manner and how you interacted. Thank you for sharing."

"Wonderful and moving, love the ending. Got Goosebumps."

"Nice job. Great story. Very personal. Very well told. Nice delivery. I was totally enthralled."

I would now like to give the crowd my own feedback, "Thanks for coming and thank you for making my presentation easy."

Thanks again to everyone who came, produced and participated.