Casting Call, and good news note.

I will be doing a casting call soon for the following roles in my play which will be presented at Homegrown. Right now the following positions are open and require actors/actresses. Please give me a call or email to get a partial script in order to do a dry read and try-out.

Here’s what I’m looking for, character list is below.

1 teenage girl, preferably between the following ages 15-20
1 teenage boy, preferably between the following ages: 15-20
2 Women, one in their late 30’s the other in 40’s-ish.
1 Man, middle aged-ish.
2 teenage boys, preferably between the ages of 12-22.
1 young adult woman, preferably between the ages of 17-25.
5-10 Extras: Students for Scenes Act One Scene Three, age range of 12-25.

Character List:

August: Seventeen year old girl.
Junior: Seventeen year old boy, first name is also Jackson.
Carole: August’s mother, middle aged. Married and had children young.
Lucy: Junior’s mother, middle aged, younger than Carole.
Jackson Sr.: Junior’s father, middle aged. Also plays Bill, spoken off-stage with a microphone
Sam: August’s younger brother, very close in age.
Todd: August’s older brother of two years.
Gina: Junior’s girlfriend in Act Two, Scene Six.

5-10 Extras: Students for Scenes Act One, Scene Three

With these characters in mind I would like to invite anyone to contact me. I would like to have a true casting call meeting, dependant on the response I get. If you’re unsure of whether or not you’d fit into any of these roles, I would rather you contact me than not.

I think I have a stage manager/co producer in mind, but would appreciate any help and/or suggestions. It’s my first play and my first production. It’s a fairly large cast but I think this’ll be a significant message to bring to the stage and would appreciate any help I can get making it a reality.
 To contact me please send me a message

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