Endurance, By Amanda McDonald

Hello Blogosphere, and specifically Whitehorseians, or is it Whitehorseites?

I have an event coming up. Initially written as a full-cast play but adapted into a monologue entitled, Endurance. It's really been difficult to get the actors I need so I've rewritten it and will probably act it myself (Gasp of horror!)

No, I'm not an actress, I am a writer. That's why I am sure this is a bad idea. My only acting, true-have-my-own-lead-acting, was when I was in high school. I played Mina in Dracula: The Musical and I'm pretty sure I was cast only because I had the voice to hit the high notes they needed.

Anyhoo, Endurance is the monologue I'll be performing as part of Nakai Theatre's Homegrown Festival, May 8-13, Guild Hall. Tickets and details at www.nakaitheatre.com 

Also, if any adult male would like to get involved in the Homegrown Festival, I am looking for an adult male to vocalize (from off-stage) and do three walk on and offs for the piece. Please contact me via email: writeramandamcdonald (at) hotmail (dot) com.

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