The First Yukon Blog Carnival

The First Yukon Blog Carnival

The goal of the Yukon Blog Carnival is to drive readership and traffic to Yukon Blogs and establish a yearly event that celebrates Yukon Bloggers and their interests. The Theme for the first Yukon Blog Carnival will be "Blogging in 2012." Further events will be posted here the week before the Carnival.

June 1st, 2012-June 15th, 2012

What is a “Blog Carnival?”

A Blog Carnival is a cyber-event hosted by a primary blogger. The blogger kicks off the event, based on a theme, by posting a list of all participating bloggers. All participating bloggers will also feed back to the carnival site for the duration of the carnival by either posting the carnival badge or by posting the web URL of the host blog. 

For the Yukon Blog Carnival, there will be regular informative posts on the Writer Amanda McDonald Blog for participants including some audio or video logs (Vlogs.) And, a surprise, pending support.

What are the benefits to a blog carnival?

·         Your blog traffic will go up. This raises the opportunity to catch and retain both traffic and a readership. 
·          Even if a participant is travelling for the duration of the carnival, they can still participate from their location due to the cyber nature of the event.
·         Blog carnivals are online and can drive non-Yukon resident readership to Yukon bloggers.
·         You will be introduced to other Yukon Bloggers.

Want to Participate? Here’s How:


·         Email the host, writeramandamcdonald (at) hotmail (dot) com, and ask to participate.

·         You will get a response email with instructions, follow the prompts.

·         On the date of the Carnival kick off, see your name on the  Blog Carnival Main Page along with a link to your blog and start blogging!

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