Novel Review

I recently had my full novel printed out and shared with my reading/editing/critique group and am patiently awaiting comments, however I also passed my book on to a friend who also happens to read in the genres I write within.

I got a call last weekend that told me this: "Yeah, I finished your book, it was really good!"
To which I replied, "Yeah? Thanks!"
She continued, "Yeah I finished it last night at 3am."

And that's what a good review looks like.

If you are a writer, you'd almost pay to get this kind of feedback on a manuscript. Yes, okay... I'll settle down because I know it's from a friend, but there's this euphoric high you get when you write something and someone not only manages to finish it but likes it too! Then add in the whole, my-book-kept-her-up-until-3-am Syndrome! SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, I know.

But after over three rejection slips from agents, it's nice to get a rave review, even if it is from someone who's biased. Besides I'm kinda ready to start pitching to publishers but I think I need work on my query... Any takers out there want to help me with my query letter?

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