Rejection = Bad Query?

Well it's official.

I sent a query to the assistant of the Agent I really, really want-and after a month I got work this week that I have been rejected. I asked on artsnet whether anyone would be willing to look over my query, and I got a response. I will now send that query out to see if my hunch (that it sucks) is correct. Then, I'm going to query the agent herself.... Doesn't hurt to get annoying I guess... in the right way.

Rejected again... (sigh). Oh well, maybe I'm aiming too high on my first go?

Nah, screw that-no such thing as aiming too high! I know the Mss is good, (because I have a private little club of worker bees who have helped me edit it,) it's the query that needs work, I'm sure of it. Back to the drawing board....

Do you think that aiming high is the best launching strategy?

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