Blog Post Planning: 5 Resources for Blog Writers.

In the spirit of the Blog Carnival, I have found that I am anal about my organization, which frustrates me to no end when-like the first week of the carnival-I lose my scheduler. All hell breaks loose when I lose track of what I'm doing.

I have compiled 5 resources that I have literally stumbled, digitally, upon recently. This blog post literally wrote itself!

1) Believe it or not, Pinterest is one of my favourite places to go when I'm looking for ideas, either for blogging or a short story. Each pin has it's own story and creative potential. Also, when I find something really interesting, I've created a board on my Pinterest Account called: Blog Writing, and then pin things there in case I ever run out of ideas. It's also a great way to keep track of things without losing them.

2) Printable Blog Planner HERE; while it is mediocre for an OCD like me, I find it's a great jumping off point for designing your own forms to use. Plus, I'm looking into trademarking some of the supplies and tools I use since they are super popular among friends. If you're a DIY'er like me, you'll see the innate value of some form of planner like this. But if you often create your own forms, you'll know that most of the time you can articulate what you need on a print-based tool, but making it look nice and organized, is a very different thing. I recommend a Blog Planner of any sort to all bloggers.

3) Workflowy.com is now a begrudging favourite. I love making lists of what to do and what not to do. I find that if I had a tablet such as an iPad, then I'd probably use this a lot more. But, I can keep this window open and make lists I want to make. It's really great for writing ideas. Problem? Not really anything. I've found it hard to figure out how to organize anything on it. I find it's like a word document online that only lets you input items in bullet point. Great for posting you writing ideas in lieu of a notepad-you know, the one I keep at home safe and sound. For those who are newly reading my blog, I posted about it HERE.

4) Celtx is a website that operates like a cloud but allows you to download its program to any device. It's great, I began using it when I started writing. My little brother introduced me to it and I love it. It's geared towards screen and script writers, but it's great for organizing projects that involve research. It acts like an online, or desktop, filing system! However, it has adapted a lot in the few years that I started using it. It now has a "novel" set up option, etc. It's all about the projects with this program! Also, there are two free options, the online hosting and the desktop free program.

5) Open Atrium is a program that you download. I haven't downloaded it yet because the internet I've been hooked up to is quite slow. But here's the schpiel from the website: "Open Atrium is an open source platform designed specifically to make great teams communicate better. An intranet in a box with: a blog, a wiki, a calendar, a to do list, a shoutbox, and a dashboard to manage it all. Let’s not forget that it’s also completely customizable."

If you have an opinion on any of these tools, please let me know.

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