Commitments  abound this month.

I will start a new job half way through the month while leaving a previous job only a day beforehand. This month also marks the two weeks, currently running, of the Yukon Blog Carnival-which I've had a lot of fun organizing. In addition, I have to blog.

One of the great things about organizing the Carnival is that I get to tell everyone what to do to participate (aka make a commitment about how often they plan on blogging.) The problem is, I was always taught that one should always lead by example. So, here's my (begrudging) commitment:

I plan on blogging two times a week, which doesn't seem like much to a blogger organizing a blog carnival. I really hope to blog three times a week for the duration of the Carnival, but I don't have internet at home-and I refuse to get it, so it will take some serious commitment to get a blog out regularly.  Meanwhile I hope to also post bios about our partner blogs participating in the Blog Carnival, so stay tuned!

Well, finally- I think I have an iron in the stove that's too hot to handle. I have a potential announcement to make in late July if everything pans out. If not, then whatever-most of you will have forgotten about this post by then. If I do, then it will be a big deal indeed. I can't give details but I'm excited and it's huge, but so is the commitment level...

Why do I always seek out more work? (Blog Carnival, organizing a writer's group, writing a book, pitches to get published, etc.) Do I have a problem? Say, anyone out there know a good Yukon Psychiatrist?

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