Digital Interview With: Dave Rogers

Name: Dave Rogers
Blog Title: What He Said
Blog URL: http://whathesaid.ca/ 

1) What is your blog about?

Oh, my blog is about 9 megabytes-worth of database files. Beyond that,
it's not about much of anything really. I suppose my blog is mostly a
brain de-cluttering device, since once I write down a thought, it no
longer orbits the rim of my noggin.

2) Why did you choose to blog about this?

I don't think I had much choice but to blog about my thoughts. That
statement fits particularly well with my deterministic view of the

3) What got you into blogging, or, what made you start blogging?

Initially, I just wanted to write about the technology that I was
working with. I couldn't sustain that for very long though, so moved
on to other subjects.

4) What have you learned thus far?

People will only read posts if you write them. And sometimes not even then.

 5) Is there something unique about living in the north and blogging?

It's not nearly as unique as folks from Outside might imagine. But
don't spoil it for them. They seem comforted by their quaint notions
of tundra and igloos.

6) Who do you think you're writing to/posting to, when you write your blog?

My future self: he gets all the inside references and laughs
uproariously at the jokes. He does seem to nitpick over the grammar
and spelling mistakes a lot though.

7) What would be the ultimate compliment that someone could give you after they read your blog?

A record in Google Analytics showing that they stayed on the site and
read through earlier postings.

8) What are your recommendations to new bloggers?

Keep it short and write frequently about what really interests you.
There are enough monkeys on the internet that a few will be enthralled
by your narrow and esoteric interests, whatever they be.

9) What does the future have in store for you?

An actual family. Complete with a bouncing baby boy expected any
minute now. Who'd a thunk it?

Thanks Dave for participating and for your time. Congrats on the coming baby boy!

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