Digital Interview with Jessica Vellenga

Name:  Jessica Vellenga
Blog Title:  N/A
Blog URL: 
Subject of Blog:  art, craft, fashion, design

1) What is your blog about?
  My art and fashion design projects, life as a cultural worker in the North.

2) Why did you choose to blog about this?
  Mainly to keep track of my projects, as an art portfolio and to update family and friends Outside as to what' I'm creating. 

3) What got you into blogging, or, what made you start blogging?
  I started blogging when I moved to Whitehorse as a way to connect with family and friends.

4) What have you learned thus far?
  It takes time and effort to keep a consistent blog.

5) Is there something unique about living in the north and blogging?
  A great way to connect with others and share our northern stories.

6) Who do you think you're writing to/posting to, when you write your blog? 
Family, friends, and anyone interested in my art/design practice.

7) What would be the ultimate compliment that someone could give you after they read your blog?
  I'm not sure.

8) What are your recommendations to new bloggers? 
Try to post consistently.

9) What does the future have in store for you? 
I'm working on a huge community art project to knit a cozy for an airplane this summer. Check out
Yarn Bomb Yukon.  I'll continue to produce my accessory line and I am working toward designing and producing a clothing and lingerie line. 

Thanks Jessica for taking the time to chat with us digitally. BTW Keep me posted on your clothing and lingerie lines! ;-)

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