Acceptance - sigh...


Those of you who read my blog religiously-and there's at least 35 of you who have been recurring traffic- will know I've lamented the rejection letter a lot in the past year.

Let's be fair and honest and let me admit here that I do kind of slack off in the editing portion unless I know someone, whose respect and skill I admire, is going to read the final draft... then, I hustle.

But, those days I'm sure will come again very soon. Alas, not today! Alas, yes, an old fashioned word but viable here because I'm singing a new song today, a new tune I'm not sure about the usual etiquette following it. So here it goes, excuse my lack of etiquette.

A digital magazine has accepted my piece. The person about whom the interview is told is also thrilled! YAY... So, now if I get it together by the 15th my piece will be in their digital mag and their website. Sweet huh?

I have to thank Dianna Proach at the moment because she was recently accepted by the mag as well and that's how I found out about their style-etc. Thanks Dianna.

Can't say more now, at least not until the 15th-ish.

When it's published I will tell you more then!

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