Environment - Creative Feng Shui?

Lately I have been plagued with the inability to write. I've written more blogs in the last month than short or long stories. That should say something as I haven't written many blogs lately either.

Problem is, I was in a funk. An environmental funk.

Recently a friend and I got into a conversation about the art of Feng Shui, an oriental form of environment casting. It has a set of rules and principles for generating a healthy environment to live or work in.

If you want to know more, go Here.

In essence, it was everything about the place that kept me from being focused and my best self. The place I was living was too expensive for the current state of my financial affairs; I was going into more debt everyday.

Then, there was no place for a proper kitchen table, so I took a shelf out of the closet and built it into a desk area with an upholstered black ottoman to sit on. It was great, but didn't really call me to sit down. I avoided it like the plague. Arguably, the location was great once I sat down, but something about sitting in a closet kept me feeling antsy about sitting there in the first place.

The location also had some plumbing issues early in the time of my living there. There was ever-after a certain smell that made me feel uneasy afterwards. And, although there was truly nothing wrong with the location once the issue was fixed, I was renting and that prohibited me from changing anything, including ripping out and replacing the backing to the wall under the sink.

In the end, the negatives added up, but I couldn't tell. I knew there was nothing inherently wrong with my apartment, but the apartment was not designed for me.

Within a week of moving in, my writing stopped.

I would go out to a bar, a cafe, a restaurant with my laptop and BOOM, lighting struck.

If you live in a creative dead zone, bring something in that's going to help you focus on the creativity or find a way to get rid of the dead-ness. In one location I lived in, I lit a candle when I wrote. It helped me feel more present as the place I was living in was large and made it hard to focus since there was so much that I could have been "cleaning" at the time.

Writing requires a sort of feng shui... it involves a clearing of the head, a lightening of the spirit and a grounding of the feet and finally, a heightening of your inner child and creative spirit.

Some writers have certain processes when they write, traditions of a sort. Perhaps you haven't found yours yet... but if you have and it isn't working, try fixing your environment. That includes physical, emotional and romantic environment.

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