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If you've read this blog often, you know that my biggest pet peeve is poor writing.

Do you know what's an even bigger pet peeve? Poor writers who blog about how to write. In addition, while composition and grammar may be correct, sometimes the assumptions of these bloggers is so confounding that I leave myself wondering why I even bothered to read their website to begin with. Why? I wonder... Why? I scream in the deep recesses of my brain after I realize that I wasted a whole five minutes reading that ludicrous heap of letters.

I'm here to announce the "Why."

In December I will be reviewing lists of "Blogs for writers," "Websites for Writers" and other such lists and telling you if any of those are worth their weight in empty peanut shells.

The truth is, Writer's Digest Magazine...A magazine I follow on Twitter and that I purchase every issue of has been, of late, quite unreliable.

The number of ads and number of articles, pieces and bios about agents has left me wondering: is the true goal of Writer's Digest to help writers first and then sell issues, sell issues solely or is there a lurking reason why their articles and bios have gone downhill so quickly?

Now, I read a lot of how-to writing books... my problem came when I tried to sign up for a Writer's Digest email newsletter.

First it told me that I could get a list of the "Top 101 Websites for Writers" sent to my inbox if I signed up. I thought to myself "I am willing to sign up first and see how it goes."

Then, the emails I've gotten so far have subjects that sound like this, "Three days until our 'Write for Agents' course starts! Sign up now!" or here's another, "How to pitch to agents, with agent ____."

Who cares? Agents are about as useful as a buzzard.

First, they are one more level of approval that you need to convince you're a good enough writer. Second, they are a go-between.

If I want to publish traditionally-which is my intention with my novel Citizen Vamp-then I'm going to pitch to publishers first.

"But Amanda," you might say, "Publishers won't take unagented scripts these days!" To which I would say:


The point is to turn away the non-serious writers. You know the writers, I'm sure you've read their blog, heard them rant and watched them rant on YouTube... the ones that say "I wrote the script, now it's the editors job to edit."

Of course they will never be successful writers, because 20% of writing is creating, the rest is editing, cutting and adding.

Publishers are short staffed and competing with Amazon, GoogleReads, iBooks, and on it goes... why would they waste time trying to buy a book from you if you don't want to truly invest your time and cash into it?

Too many want to check a box on their bucket list, they want to "Write a novel," not write a novel.

See the subtle difference there?

I now think that Writers' Digest is the mag for writers who want to "Write their novel," and The Writer is the mag for people who want to write a novel.

For the month of December, (Not November-November is hell month, remember?) I will be reviewing websites, blogs and even lists of these items in order to search through the websites for those who want to "Write their novel" and those who are or want to write their novel.

Sit back, I'm going to be downright truthful...

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