Sitting beneath the darkened stage trapdoor was torture. A three night series. He only performed on the third night.

It was hard waiting for death, but at least it had a purpose.


"It's the only thing that people haven't seen, Gale." He said, an ink tear at the corner of his eye.

"I will not kill myself," I said as coughs spilled out of me. I caught them with my hankerchief.

"You do not need to, we can have someone else do it, especially if you're afraid you won't complete the performance."

"I don't want to die."

"You are anyways," Markus said, pointing at the hankerchief. The red stood out even in the darkness behind the curtain, all of the oil lamps out for the night.

"I know, but I want to enjoy every moment of the rest of my life, don't you understand?"

"I do, really I do. Think of the performance though! Imagine, it's the only thing that has not yet been done. Think of the reviews you'll get!"

"Reviews? This is ridiculous!" I turned to go but Markus began laughing.

I only turned my head back towards him and asked, "What?"

"We'll just have to get Fiona to fill in."

My face grew hot, I struggled with whether or not to hit him. "I thought she was sick, isn't that what you told me Markus?"

"She's in her rooms until you decide who will star. It's not often I have a lead who refuses his part." He chucled. "Well, it must be expected. It's a tough role. Don't really have a second chance..." He turned to go.

To that I didn't know what else to say but, "Fiona, she must be let go immediately. How do I know you won't force her to perform the same act after me? You drop her off at the station with a whole month of my salary and you let her take any train out of here. You don't watch either."

"My dear boy, drop her off yourself if you wish to escourt her. The only thing I need is for you to let me send some guards with you so that I know you'll come back."

"Enough. You know what I want."

He waved at me, "Yes, yes. Take Bob and Brandon with you, I will be waiting for you until you return, and then we'll go over the script." He smiled and walked away.


Laura James said...

Really enjoyed this, amazing what some people will do for a good review.

Anna Meade said...

Definitely made me want to know what would happen next, how he would die and much more. Thanks for entering!

Jules said...

I am completely sucked into the dark mystery of it. Well done.

SJIHolliday said...

How very evil. Nicely done!

Melanie Cole said...

I want more!! That was excellent!!

Anonymous said...

A very tough act to follow!
Good stuff!

Cameron Lawton said...

Great stuff. The ultimate finale - and I believe it has crossed several performers' minds. You added blackmail which just made it perfect for me.

Diane J. Reed said...

I love the urgency of this piece--it all made emotional sense to me, how some people will do anything to be a "sensation." Well done!

Holly said...

I feel like this could really be built on. Could make an intriguing novel!

moonduster said...

Ooh! Blackmail, greed, kidnapping, a form of murder - a terrific and gripping story!