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So about a month ago I ragged on Writer's Digest. Some think I was being unfair-too bad.

The truth is that there are just so many people out there pretending to help writers. You read their blog and they seem like they know what they're talking about, but they're just so vague... then they invite you to sign up for their newsletter.  You think... "Maybe their newsletter tips will be more specific."

So you sign up. Big mistake!

Next thing you know you're being inundated with emails to sign up for classes that cost $500 a pop! Or perhaps you're prompted to send in your query for a free review, you get a paragraph of a review but for the "real" review you have to hire the person at $100 an hour.

Honestly, you don't need these things. Anyone who says different is lying.

For the month of December I will be reviewing blogs, articles, lists and author webpages that are supposed to be the "Best websites for writers" on a weekly to twice-a-week basis.

New writers ask me where I go to read for writing tips and help. Here's the short answer: the only thing I use while I write/edit is this:

  • A Canadian English Dictionary-Thesaurus combo.

When I am building my platform, I am on Twitter reviewing what's going on with the following hashtags:
  • #amwriting
  • #amediting
  • #writing
  • #writetips, and
  • #writers
In addition, if I'm going to be on Facebook, I join Facebook writers' groups because I might as well make use of the time I have on Facebook to connect with my writing. I'll never say that someone shouldn't go on Facebook, we all need a break from time to time-but make it count.
The activities that make you a writer are: writing, reading and always looking at resources with a critical eye.

So keep an eye here for websites I think will give you true, measurable and achievable advice that will make you a better writer. Each review with start with "Writer's Reviews:" and will discuss the good vs the bad but don't take my word for it... go look at them, see what they have for you... and always be critical.

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