All New! The Writer's Prompt Book.

I have a new blog!

The Writer's Prompt Book

will be launched. The goal of this other blog is to be specifically focused on giving writers tips, tricks and dirty secrets for developing and remembering your own writing prompts, while on Sundays we will have:

Sunday Story Prompts.

Sunday Story Prompts will feature weekly prompts that may consist of unfinished sentences, pictures, what ifs and pick an alternative. They will vary from general/literary fiction and delve even into specific genres and themes in writing.

My usual readers know how important a writer's Notepad is. At least you should by now...

The Writer's Prompt Book will be your guide to generate, develop and even safe-guard your own prompts and ideas while also giving you a little fresh linguistic air to play with from time to time in the way of generated prompts.


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