Writer's Review: CopyBlogger.com

About a week ago, I described the following:

"The truth is that there are just so many people out there pretending to help writers. You read their blog and they seem like they know what they're talking about, but they're just so vague... then they invite you to sign up for their newsletter.  You think... "Maybe their newsletter tips will be more specific."

So you sign up. Big mistake!

Next thing you know you're being inundated with emails to sign up for classes that cost $500 a pop! Or perhaps you're prompted to send in your query for a free review, you get a paragraph of a review but for the "real" review you have to hire the person at $100 an hour."

CopyBlogger is a bit like this at first.

Screen shot of  Copyblogger.com accessed 26 November 2012

When you go to the home page you end up with a whole webpage ad for content marketing programs that are going to "make you a better writer."

I don't know about the software, I think that MS Word (or any word processing software) is all you need to write. The thing I do like about their website however is their articles.

Their articles include topics such as writing killer headlines and writing for search engine optimization. Each article is well articulated, specific and is of moderate length.

I subscribe to this webpage/blog (I don't really know how to characterize it) because the articles are really worth the read.

The only caution I would point out is to be sure of the type and style of writing you will be pursuing. This blog is primarily aimed at copy, article or commercial writers. The idea is to sell pieces. While some large rules are true within the context of writing in a novel, this webpage is not for novelists or short story writers. The pieces are specifically aimed at framing content, selling the title and gathering audience for the long term commercial use.

Therefore, if you're looking at staying in the creative writing or even non-fiction but literary tradition, then don't worry about this website as it's not specifically aimed at helping you write your novel. Instead, look for another webpage aimed at the creative writing process... perhaps you'll find one here you'll like. ;-)

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