Writer's Review: The Urban Muse

Today is the review of a website that I follow on my blogger blog roll. It's called the Urban Muse.

The Urban Muse is written by Susan Johnston and is professional in style and content, helpful and concise. Those days that I just can't scroll through a long article, I take myself over to Ms. Johnston's page and it's a quick and easy read: but often, eye-opening. 

Not always eye-opening such as "Oh My GOD, That's revolutionary!" No. More like, "Wow, that's such a simple but effective idea." or perhaps like, "I knew that, why was I doing it differently? I'm going to go back to doing this."

Mostly a focus on content/copy writing, her concepts are great for businesses, freelance writers and small to medium sized project managers that work in document writing and creation.

Here's a snap shot:

With articles such as:

"5 Low-Cost Ways to Market your Freelance Business"
 "Creative Ways for Writers to Earn Extra Cash"

Not only is her work well laid out, the answers to her headlines and the subtitles are all enlarged so that you can easily read the answers if you're in a rush. It makes it great for content scanning when you're in a line up at the grocery store...or, where ever you find two minutes of time.

The only thing that bugs me about her is sometimes her articles are a little too simple for experienced writers and freelancers and can miss any content that would be new to my own eyes. I find her more a reminder of how to keep it simple. 

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