Writer's Review: Whatever this guy was smoking...


I often find some real crap articles out there but this one takes the cake. "7 Twitter Marketing Campaigns to Learn From." by Erica Swallow. Sorry in advance for the sarcasm.

While it's dressed up as a really nicely designed article, has a great title, and a good idea, the execution of this idea leaves a lot to be desired.

1) Its examples double and over lap:

  • 7&6 are the same point but use two different examples/campaigns. Read it carefully... Basically they are separate campaigns but they both teach us the same thing: how are they separate points?
  • #3 is putting the cart before the horse. Cliche? Well, it's true here: #3 promotes using a celebrity to endorse your project, but rather dresses it up as "thank the celebrity for their endorsement and you'll get more." Here's the problem, you need the first celebrity endorsement to even get that far. Even before that, you have to have a product or project worth endorsing and then you would need to somehow get a celebrity's notice. The example given is UNICEF, a well known charity that works with children and families on helping them as they live in developing worlds.
  • #4 also makes the assumption you're large enough of an organization to create a landing page for an organization. The mixed message sounds like this "Make an event to draw attention, oh-but wait you need another whole website and marketing campaign for that." Sound like too much work? Yeah, because it is. 

These all lead me to my most important point: MIXED Messages:

  • The article has no clear audience. #3 is a point that would best suit a charity. Whereas #4 the example of the organization event with its own landing and promotion page is best for large corporate organizations.
  • The points are not organized, specific and individual (7&6 make the same point).
  • There is no clear "how to," for an article about "7 Twitter Marketing Campaigns to Learn From."
In the end, this is another article that's just promoting itself by pretending to offer a good example of marketing campaigns while not divulging any actual new information to its readers.

What I learned from this piece:

1) You will gain more views and attention if you pay for advertising. Wow- ground breaking.
2) If you're a charity, celebrity endorsements help a lot. Again, amazing new information! And...
3) Making fun of other marketing campaigns can gain you notoriety. Yes. We do watch Saturday Night Live, I think we had this one in the bag.

Disagree with me? I dare you to respond.

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